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IT Services

Our IT Services

Excellence and innovation drive our creative professionals to render highly reliable and effective IT Services. We possess expertise in operating all the standard platforms of technology that are highly essential to handle numerous domains of business. Our outstanding knowledge and experience of leading information technology products backed by industry recognised qualifications and our commitment to quality and client satisfaction ensures that our clients receive the highest standard of service.



Our web designers have good artistic skills in developing a professional relationship with clients and make our website professional by sticking to austerity. Interact with business clients and get deep understanding of the requirements. Convert demands into a website specification. Respond to the clients by taking advantage of the rapidly evolving technology. Make easy to tap mobile links as mobiles accomplish a whale’s share of web traffic. Create outlining of our site to determine what content needs to be fit on that. Be consistent in color and themes, and avoid color disagreement. Do implementation of clear-cut solutions according to the intentions of the client. Undertake database development and debugging the site.

Application Services

We contribute to a standard structure for applications to circulate software over the Web using application services technology. Target our applications services at other programs rather than users. Develop components that allows users to scale and change applications rapidly. Reshape existing application according to the client’s requirements. Business-to-business integration is carried out by using application frameworks (Microsoft.NET). Content is well delineated in the form of XML-formatted data. Give importance to peer-to-peer arrangement. Cost-effective application services without compromising on the quality. Pursue business dealings with the support of numerous servers.



We step-up intercommunication between clients with our Bulk SMS/E-mail services. Offer protected HTTP API to aid in integration with application for sending SMS. Rich expertize in handling SMS messaging network. Offer entire solution for all our resellers and purchasers at the same time. Bulk SMS services featured with Binary, Unicode and Concatenated messages. Aid in integration with multiple databases allowing automation for organizations. Provide best reach to the Web. Furnish proper coordination of systems handling large E-mails. Reach the customers directly by ensuring timely delivery of messages. Maintain business contacts by sending suitable information in short clicks and thus saving time.


We establish market strategies depending on the product’s stand. Frame our brand’s information by explaining about it in the form of stories. Build an enticing website with special attention to home page so that a user immerses into it. Do market investigation to identify prospective customers. For brand promotion, announce in television station, print media and newspapers locally to target some sections of audience. Organize phone interviews for the scattered customers to get information which can be profitable. Emphasize on putting appropriate content for higher rankings. Give an approach to online advertisements for greater awareness of our brand. Post fliers or dispatch e-mails to students to escalate the customer base.



We have top-class servers to maintain speed for providing domain registration & hosting. Advise different brands of domain names which are brisk and smooth. Maintain quality while offering domain registration & hosting on one podium for easy accessibility. Give optimizations for various servers for Wordpress websites. Provide reliable web hosting services with attractive features at a nominal cost. Instantaneous server response time in hosting. Have good operating systems and space for random access memory (RAM). Expeditious technical support for traffic spikes. Accessible location of servers for complete business solutions. Put large array of products in portfolio for maximum gain for the customers.


We are always in the race in finding the right applicants from various fields. Go over the recruitment process like a fine-tooth comb and guide applicants in landing at their dream job. Appoint recruitment crew through placement of advertisements. Have strong perception of recruitment methods. Identify the saturated markets and shift focus on a more profitable demographic locations. Have truckload of experience in utilizing various databases for choosing and selecting the candidates. Spot the recruiting process niche and focus on the recruitment territories. Give assessment of financial stability during recruitment process for surviving in the market. Give weightage to the company culture.